In The News

Digital Trends: “New ‘cognitive radio’ system could be a game-changer for communication in space” Posted 24 July2020

Intelligent Mobility Xperience: “Before autonomous vehicles go mainstream, connected cars require security vigilance” Posted 10 June 2020

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: “As local college campuses shut down from coronavirus, classes move online” Posted 21 March 2020

Hartford Courant: “Opinion | Coronavirus shows how important 5G networking is” Posted 11 April 2020

Connected World Magazine: “The 5G/AV Connection” Posted April 2019

eMarketer: “Smart Homes 2020 – The End of Interruptive Marketing as We Know It (Part 1 of a 2-Part IoT Series)”

IEEE Transmitter: “Self-Driving School Buses are Stress Relief for Some Parents” Posted April 2019

IoT Agenda: “How is dynamic spectrum access used by connected cars?” Posted 20 May 2019

MetroWest Daily News: “Electric vehicle rebate program will end in September” Posted 25 June 2019

Worcester Business Journal: “Our mark on the moon” Posted 18 July 2019

WPI Media Release: “Wyglinski Keeping First Responders’ Comms Safe” Posted 9 August 2019

Quartz: “Quartz Future of Finance: Why “energy harvesting” is catching on” Posted 21 June 2019

Assembly Magazine: “Team Effort at WPI Tackles Self-Driving Car Challenge” Posted 12 September 2018

Aviation Week & Space Technology: “Algorithm Seeks To Advance Space Communications” Posted 18 October 2018

Charter TV3 — Worcester News Tonight: “WPI Autonomous Cars” Posted 5 November 2018

Worcester Telegram and Gazette: “Worcester on the Road to Driverless Vehicles” Posted 4 November 2018

IEEE Institute: “Machine Learning Could Boost Space Communications” Posted 11 December 2018

Money: “Experts Suggest the Future of Autonomous Vehicle Movement Rests on Resolving Business Challenges and New Technology” Posted 12 November 2018

Science News: “This self-driving car could one day take you on a real road trip” Posted 7 May 2018

Seeking Delphi: “Podcast #26: Future Driving Part 1, Interconnectivity and Self-Driving Cars with Alex Wyglinski” Posted 15 November 2018

WBUR Interview on NASA SCaN Testbed Research, October 2018.

WBZ Interview on NASA SCaN Testbed Research, October 2018.

WPI Daily Herd: “Uniting Diverse Research Areas to Drive Autonomous Cars” Posted 14 February 2018

WPI Press Release: “WPI Researchers Use International Space Station as Testbed for Communications Experiments with NASA” Posted 3 October 2018

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